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Online Product Catalogue

13 April 1997

The new ESA Multimission RS Product Catalogue will soon be available.

Upgrade of the Significant Wave Height (SWH) algorithm

07 April 1997

ESA is improving the ERS-2 Fast Delivery Altimeter product. Please find below the description of the upgraded RA processing scheme implemented in the LRDPF version (7100) and installed in all ESA Ground Stations on 18 March 1997. Within the 1Hz SWH processing, negative values (20Hz) due to steep return echo slopes are now set to zero and included within the processing. The impact on the data is a more realistic SWH.

Problem with SLC/SLCI data generated by new VMP v.6.0

27 March 1997

Due to a bug in the new release of the VMP processor, please be informed that the SLC/SLCI products generated so far - with respect to the products generated with the previous VMP versions - show the real part of every pixel swapped with the imaginary part.

ERS-2 manoeuvre affects UWI products

13 March 1997

An inclination manoeuvre executed on ERS-2 on April 22nd starting at 5:16 is affecting 4 orbits (10480-10483) of ERS-2 scatterometer UWI fast delivery product acquired at the Kiruna station. Please handle them with care. SAR wave fast delivery product UWA is also affected.

New interferometry article is available on-line

13 March 1997

Satellite Radar Interferometry from Scientific American online.

New service

13 March 1997

Detailed Scatterometer performance available online.

New service

13 March 1997

Detailed Altimeter Performance available online.

Ozone measurements in 4h from GOME

06 March 1997

Special funding has been allocated by Germany to perform ozone measurements close to the North Pole with the GOME instrument on-board the ESA ERS-2 satellite. The campaign duration is January 25 1997 through end of March 1997. In this framework data is now specifically acquired by the Kiruna station from the GOME instrument, transferred in real-time to the University of Bremen and processed immediately there. Already four hours after sensing data is available online. The products show the OZONE profile obtained from a subset of the 10 Kiruna orbits. Open GOME - CHORUS campaign.

ERS-1 and ERS-2 parallel acquisitions

05 March 1997

Next week, during a 3 days ERS-1 instrument check-out, some areas in the visibility of Canadian and ESA stations and ground stations in Cordoba, O'Higgins, and Taiwan will be covered by ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR in parallel.

Frames shifted in May 1996 ERS-1 SAR data

06 February 1997

The data acquired in May 1996 by the ERS-1 sensor presents an anomaly: the image data is shifted by about 6.5 Km in azimuth compared with the nominal expected frame (while the latitude/longitude annotated in the product corresponds to the nominal expected frame). The anomaly can be partially compensated by the ESA/ESRIN ERS service. If necessary and behind specific request re-processing of data could be comtemplated. In turn new orders will be processed directly with a compensation method. Please note that only RAW, PRI, SLC and SLC-I products can be accepted for that timespan. For information the orbits concerned are 25203 to 25479. For ascending satellite passes the shift takes place northwards while for descending passes it occurs southwards. For more details do not hesistate to contact EOHELP.

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