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GOME Reports

08 August 1995

Status of the GOME instrument and the planned instrument operation during GOME validation phase.

The below INSAR baselines are available on line

25 July 1995

INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-1 baselines for June 1995 (Phase G), INSAR ERS-1 to ERS-2 baselines for June 1995 (Phase G), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-1 baselines for June 1995 (Phase A), INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-2 baselines for June 1995 (Phase A)

SAR stability

10 July 1995

ERS-1 SAR Stability Monitoring - June 1995 Update - now available online.

New ATSR document

04 July 1995

Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) instrument: new documentation now available online.

Radar Altimeter Reports

27 June 1995

(23/05/95-17/06/95) - Radar Altimeter Reports

RA Report

23 June 1995

The ERS-2 RA have been operated in Ocean mode until 19 June. For the next 35 days, the RA will be in Ocean mode over Ocean zones, and in Ice mode over lane and Ice zones. ERS-1 is operating in the same mode with 1 day interval.

SAR Report

23 June 1995

Data accumulated since 23 May can be processed and analysed in order to learn about the performance of the ERS-2 SAR, but no formal commissioning activity had really started yet because of the unknown final gain configuration of the instrument.

Wind Scatterometer Report

23 June 1995

The sensor is still under test. Its Commissioning Phase will start by end of July 1995.

GOME Report

20 June 1995

The second part of the commissioning phase was finished on 10th June 1995. During this part the coolers have been switched on successfully and we can show for the first time a GOME spectrum acquired with cooled detectors. See the GOME Reports.


16 June 1995

INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-1 baselines for May 1995 (Phase A) are now available. ERS-1 INSAR Baselines for May 1995 (Phase G) are now available.

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