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Special acquisitions

15 May 1997

ERS SAR acquisitions of the area affected by the earthquake in East-Iran are scheduled for the coming days.

Interferometry online collections renewed

14 May 1997

All Interferometry items have been re-grouped and reviewed on the new Earthnet Online site created by ESA/ESRIN. Find all Interferometry matters among the Remote Sensing Applications. Access directly the Interferometry Baseline Listing from the server home page. While looking at all items related to the ERS satellite mission planning (ESA Remote Sensing Services) find also the Baseline Listing at your disposal. Interferometry scientific background and applications : documents can be seen as an item in the Interferometry but also among the Remote Sensing Documentation (ESA RS services). Full text version is online whenever possible otherwise document ORDERING is also available.

Applications online

13 May 1997

More information on applications of ERS data by subject.

New LANDSAT TM document

08 May 1997

"LANDSAT TM ESA Products Format Definition" has been updated.

New O'Higgins ERS-2 Campaign (August - September 1997)

08 May 1997

The next O'Higgins (TF) campaign has been confirmed for the period 15-Aug 00:00 to 31-Sep-97 00:00. Some ERS-2 satellite unavailability periods due to VLBI measurements may occur, but exact dates are not yet known. For the moment, no baseline was planned. User requests are welcome.

New Libreville ERS-2 Campaign (May - June 1997)

07 May 1997

A new Libreville (LI) campaign has been confirmed for the period 25-May 00:00 to 29-Jun-97 00:00. A complete SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) descending coverage and some additional ascending passes over areas not yet well covered will be planned and can be seen with DESCW as from 12 May 1997. Any passes not included in the planning may be requested between 12 and 16 May.

New ATSR-2 document

06 May 1997

Latest Product User Guides for ATSR-2

New documentation section

30 April 1997

Section for "Third Party Missions" added to the Documentation list

Special acquisitions

30 April 1997

SAR passes were planned for last and the coming weeks over Grand Forks (North Dakota/USA) and Winnipeg (Manitoba/Canada) for monitoring the Red River flooding.

ERS-2 manoeuvre affects UWA products

23 April 1997

An inclination manoeuvre executed on ERS-2 on April 22nd starting at 5:16 is affecting 4 orbits of ERS-2 SAR Wave (UWA) fast delivery product acquired at the Kiruna station. Please handle them with care. Scatterometer fast delivery product UWI is also affected.

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