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Tropical cyclones

09 October 1998

ERS-2 Wind Scatterometer and other satellites maps and images of Georges and Jeanne tropical cyclones (September 1998).

DESCW catalogue version 4.05

05 October 1998

The new version includes data from mobile acquisition stations (e.g. Novosibirsk in Russia). Immediate upgrade is available for local download

Three vital ERS product documents full text

05 October 1998

ERS-1 Ground Station Products Specifications For Users: ERS SAR CD-R Distribution Format and ERS-1 WSC.FDC Product CCT Format

ERS SAR PRI Products backscattering coefficient

01 October 1998

The full-text publication "Derivation of backscattering coefficient in ESA ERS SAR PRI Products" has been enhanced with more tables.

Mobile station acquisitions in October 1998

01 October 1998

Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan stations covering central Asia will acquire up to 18/10/98 (from 6/8/98 ) and Libreville (Gabon) station covering central and West Africa from 19/10/98 (for 35 days) Details in online multimission catalogue or Descw catalogue.

Permanent hurricane monitoring with ERS-2 Scatterometer

28 September 1998

Significant events will be shown online.

Belgium: heavy rain causes floods

25 September 1998

First ERS-2 multitemporal image of Bruxelles with heavy rainfall on cultivated surrounding areas.

GOME products level 1- 4

22 September 1998

The description of GOME products has been completed. The description of the Near-Real-Time fast delivery products is included.

Oceanic Internal Waves detection with remote sensing

14 September 1998

Internal Waves cond325

China : Yangtze River flood images (July-August 1998)

25 August 1998

First ERS-2 multitemporal images of 200 km Southwest of Wuhan, one of the cities most damaged by the August 1998 floods along the Yangtze River in China.

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