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GOME scientific results in graphical form (1995-1997)

23 January 1998

Ten most recent graphs and world maps summarising the Ozone hole monitoring and other findings made possible in the earth atmosphere thanks to the Gome instrument since the ERS-2 launch.

German O'Higgins campaign dates changed

14 January 1998

New dates: 15-Jan to 02-Mar-98 inclusive. Already planned acquisitions from 03-15-Mar-98 have to be reassigned: please contact EOHELP.

Envisat AO

19 December 1997

Envisat Announcement of Opportunity is now open.

New online permanent service

17 December 1997

Detailed MWR Performance available now from April 1995 through December 1997.


15 December 1997

1 February 1998 is the deadline for the submissioe of the AO3 for ERS-2

El Nino

11 December 1997

Inedited ATSR and Altimeter images in the newly opened Remote Sensing Applications branch dedicated to El Nino phenomena

ERS-2 FD products transmission : software upgrade in 1998 only

05 December 1997

Further to our September 4th 1997 news, the WMO FM94 BUFR format will only be upgraded within the first half of 1998. For an optimum synchronisation users will be informed in due time about the exact introduction date (see also 5/9/97 news).

ERS-1 satellite check-out

01 December 1997

The next ERS-1 check out will take place from 16 to 18 December 1997 covering orbit range 33576 - 33617.

Indonesia Fires

27 November 1997

Synergy of the ATSR-2 and GOME instruments on the detection of biomass burning over Indonesia - ATSR-2 night measurements are compared to GOME nitrogen dioxide measurements over Borneo during autumn 1997.

New download of GOME level 2 ftp products recommended

17 November 1997

Due to the degradation on the GOME PtCrNe-lamp, some problems with the wavelength calibration for the GOME channel 3 have been experienced in level 2 products between 25/10/97 through 14/10/97. The situation has been recovered, the products concerned regenerated and replaced on the ftp server.

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