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Multitemporal image

30 July 1997

New multitemporal SAR image of the Germany and Poland flood.

Details on the ERS-1 28/7/97 manoeuvre

29 July 1997

The purpose of the manoeuvre was to fix the ERS-1 ground track to be about 100 m East of the ground track of ERS-2 during the ERS-1 payload switch-on 29-31 of July.

BEST IMAGE SAMPLES collection extended

28 July 1997

Now remote sensing image samples offered on this site have become still more numerous and the access facilities further enhanced. View impressive scenes from the Atlantic ocean, from Arctic areas, from the Mediterranean coast, from the Sahara: choose a country, a satellite or an instrument (or combine these three parameters).

ERS-1 manoeuvre

26 July 1997

The next ERS-1 manoeuvre (FCM) will be made in the evening of 28 July 1997. It will be a one burn manoeuvre in the direction of flight. The time for the manoeuvre will be close to 21:48 Z and the size close to 33 mm/s. With this manoeuvre the ERS-1 ground track will be 100 m East of the ERS-2 ground track during the payload switch-on 29-31 July.

New ftp address for GOME near-real-time products

24 July 1997

The ESA Principal Investigators are informed that ESA continues to host the GOME near-real-time service for Level 2 data. This service was initiated by the Institute of Remote Sensing (IFE) of the University of Bremen in order to assist campaign activities (CHORUS, POLECAT, ADEOS validation) during the arctic winter 1997 as part of the German Ozone Research Programme (OPF).

ATSR-2 Sea surface temperature product now available

22 July 1997

The Gridded Sea-surface Temperature (GST) product stemming from the data received from the ATSR instrument on-board the ERS-2 satellite is now available. It can be ordered either in CEOS or in SADIST format.

Flood planning

18 July 1997

See Planning data for the July Eastern Europe floods.

Introduction of an ERS-2 Rapid Ocean Product (ROPR)

15 July 1997

The ERS-2 Rapid Ocean Product is a new altimeter product intended to support operational oceanographic applications that need data in quasi real time. The product is packed in daily sets, each of which covers full day from 00:00 to 24:00 UTC and is made available on an ftp server at about 12:00 UTC of the following day with a delay of 12 to 36 hours. It is intended for the users of the current QLOPR products.

New DESCW version for Windows 95

07 July 1997

ERS User Services and Eurimage are pleased to announce the new release of DESCW. This new version is fully compatible with Windows 3.1 systems. Moreover many more features are available. Please also note the new ftp address.

Fresh processing to be applied to all ERS-1 & 2 SAR data

03 July 1997

In order to avoid problems of incompatibility between products generated before and after the introduction of the recent SAR processing chain, and more generally along time, ESA will interrupt the supply of ERS-1 and 2 already processed products currently held in its archive and remove this item from the pricelist and from its catalogues (e.g. from DESCW). As a consequence production of already acquired data will have to go through the same current processing chain as any newly acquired data. This measure will enter into force on September 1st, 1997.

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