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SAR multitemporal image

02 December 1998

SAR multitemporal image of Hurricane Mitch in South America, showing flooded areas in Honduras.

Altimeter real-time data upgrade on Nov 30th 1998

25 November 1998

The ALT.URA products will be enriched with the introduction of the 1Hz Wet Tropospheric correction and the modification of the average Altimetric Range computation.


25 November 1998

Permanent hurricane monitoring with ERS-2 Scatterometer- significant events will be shown online.

Scatterometer real-time data upgrade on Nov 30th 1998

25 November 1998

The ESA Scatterometer real-time products chain will allow a better usage of  the Kp parameter (variance in the sigma nought for each node) with the introduction of a representation in per thousands instead of percentages.

Early 1999 campaign for O'Higgins mobile station

20 November 1998

Acquisitions foreseen between 11th January and 2nd March 1999. Any product order for the campaign should be sent as soon as possible. Use the help&mail facility.

Libreville fall 1998 campaign closure

19 November 1998

The campaign started on 20th October will close on 23rd November 1998.

Hurricane Mitch in South America

13 November 1998

ERS-2 Wind Scatterometer map of Mitch tropical cyclone showing a maximum registered wind speed of 115 kts.

Hurricane Mitch in South America

11 November 1998

ERS-2 SAR image of Mitch tropical cyclone (November 1998), the most destructive Atlantic storm since 1780.

Meteorites: ERS-1 & 2 satellites 1-day shut down

11 November 1998

Due to the Leonid Meteorite storm, both ERS satellites will be shut down as follows...

ERS-2 AO-3 Projects overview

06 November 1998

ERS-2 AO-3 Projects overview

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