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GOME performance: intensity jump detected in early 1999 data

22 December 1999

An odd intensity jump has been detected for the GOME products between December 5 1998 and March 11 1999 (orbit numbers 18952 to 20334). More details in the GOME yearly performance.

ERS-2 GOME Data Products Delta Characterisation Report 1999

15 December 1999

The final 1999 Validation Report for the GOME Data Processor Upgrade for Level 0-1 (processing/extraction - v.2.0) and Level 1-2 (Processing -v. 2.7) has been issued. Contents include a summary of the GOME Data Processor changes, Reference Data Sets and the GOME data status from June 1999. The 100 page-thick report can be downloaded via ftp. Find access to it in the GOME Library.

ERS SAR Toolbox: friendlier with graphical user interface

07 December 1999

The ERS SAR Toolbox now includes stbxW, a PC Windows interface tool. This new feature provides a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to help users who are running the Toolbox software under the Windows operating system. To use it access STBX on this site, go to the 'Software pages' and ask for Download. Choose then the PC-W95 version.

European Satellite (ERS-2 with GOME) Detects Low Ozone over Europe

01 December 1999

On November 30 1999 the GOME (Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment) instrument on-board the ESA ERS-2 satellite has detected abnormally LOW OZONE LEVELS over North Western Europe. Watch the evolution of this occurence in Near Real Time.

ATSR level 3 product catalogue: world fire atlas

29 November 1999

ESA-ESRIN has built-up a new ATSR-2 level 3 products catalogue. Showing agricultural fires and wildfires distribution at global scale and in Near-Real-Time, it contains data covering November 1996 through December 1998. Coverage will be extended to the whole ERS-2 mission since 1995. Access the ATSR Fire Atlas.

GOME Data Processor: change of polarisation correction

17 November 1999

Gome 1 and 2 products generated beteween February and June 1999 are affected by an alteration of the GOME data processor configuration.

The SAR Toolbox: software to help ERS SAR data users

17 November 1999

The ERS SAR Toolbox (ERS STBX) is a collection of software tools which has been developed to help the remote sensing community to use ERS SAR data. The purpose of the Toolbox is not to duplicate existing commercial packages, but to complement them with functions dedicated to the handling of ESA ERS SAR products. The Toolbox contains tools to perform functions like: data extraction, quick look generation, calibration and radiometric correction, co-registration and speckle filtering. It can be used on the many platforms (PC, Mac, Sun, etc.) and can be used to handle most ERS SAR products (PRI, SLC, SLCI, etc.) generated within the ESA ERS ground segment and at receiving stations round the world.

No data acquisition during Leonid Meteor storm

16 November 1999

To mitigate any risk from the Leonid Meteor Storm the ERS-1 and 2 payloads will be switched-off around the estimated peak of the storm from 17-Nov-99 UTC 18:00 until 18-Nov-99 UTC 15:00. This period with no data acquisition can slightly change and might be extended with better predictions shortly before the storm. The gap will be reflected in the data acquisition catalogues.

Bufr Decoder upgrade for low bit rate fast delivery products

12 November 1999

The WMO FM94 BUFR format of the ERS-2 satellite Low Bit Rate fast delivery products will change on DECEMBER 15th 1999 and will need to be mandatorily used by the WMO users as from that date. The new software will support the most recent WMO BUFR standard (WMO FM94 BUFR Edition 3) and the dissemination of the ATSR-2 ASST (UAT) product (processed by the SADIST-2 software and implemented at the Tromsoe receiving station-Norway). The NEW WMO FM94 BUFR format is NOT COMPATIBLE with the current decoder software version. Users can already access and familiarize with the new decoder.

Early year 2000 earth coverage included in DESCw version 4.14

02 November 1999

The enhanced DESCw version 4.14 includes the planned earth coverage for early year 2000 for the ERS-1 and 2 and the Landsat satellites. Users with version prior to 4.12 need to re-install the new softare in order to take advantage of all new facilities.

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