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GOME Report

20 June 1995

The second part of the commissioning phase was finished on 10th June 1995. During this part the coolers have been switched on successfully and we can show for the first time a GOME spectrum acquired with cooled detectors. See the GOME Reports.


16 June 1995

INSAR ERS-2 to ERS-1 baselines for May 1995 (Phase A) are now available. ERS-1 INSAR Baselines for May 1995 (Phase G) are now available.

Images from ATSR

10 June 1995

Worldwide visible infrared ATSR-2 Images.

Images from SAR

10 June 1995

Release of ERS-2 SAR IMAGES series over Europe.

GOME Report

07 June 1995

GOME signal of detector 4.


31 May 1995

On 30 May 1995, the GOME instrument on-board ERS-2 acquired the first sun spectrum. With this, the diffuser shutter as the last one of all nominal GOME subsystems has been tested and proven. Proper functioning of all GOME subsystems and functions has been achieved. Prior to the first exposure of the sun diffuser, a diffuser characterisation by means of the on-board lamp had taken place. A quick look at the acquired sun spectra shows a behaviour as expected, although a small fraction of channel is in saturation. This will be corrected by changing the integration time of the affected band. A specialist meeting has been called for 8 June to look at the data in detail.

Radar Altimeter Reports

24 May 1995

Radar Altimeter Reports

SAR Stability

22 May 1995

ERS-1 SAR Stability Monitoring - April 1995 Update - now available on line.

GOME Report

17 May 1995

GOME instrument is performing well in orbit. The commissioning phase 1 activities have been finished as of 12 May 1995. On 16 May 1995 the activities of commissioning phase 2 have been started, which521


13 May 1995

GOME Spectral Line Ratio Plots and Orbit Day Map available online.

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