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MIPAS Level 2 dataset processed with ML2PP V6.0 is available at D-PAC

07 June 2012

The Level 2 re-processing of the full MIPAS mission (from 2002/07/01 up to 2012/04/08, including the Full Resolution and the Optimized Resolution mission phases) has been completed with the ESA processor ML2PP version 6.0. The data set is now being released to the user community and available on-line at the D-PAC.

A new account for the ML2PP version 6.0 has been set up, following the same data archive structure as for the previous MIPAS Level 2 data, organized per year/month/day. The previous data set (MIPAS IPF 5.06) will currently remain available at the D-PAC with the existing account. 

Access to MIPAS ML2PP version 6.0 products can be provided through Fast Registration.


ML2PP processor upgrades

The following upgrades are implemented in the processor ML2PP V6.0:

  • Retrieval of four additional species is provided to the users: CFC-11, CFC-12, ClONO2 and N2O5
  • Increased number of convergent p-T and VMR retrieved profiles are provided, thanks to the correction of a convergence problem affecting up to 10% of the p-T profiles
  • Removal of the constraints for negative VMR values allows removing the positive bias, which was detected in average profiles at tangent altitudes with signal to noise ratio smaller than unit.
  • New methods for calculating the most accurate Averaging Kernel Matrix (AKM) and Variance Covariance Matrix (VCM). For further details see - Technical Note: Variance-covariance matrix and averaging kernels for the Levenberg-Marquardt solution of the retrieval of atmospheric vertical profiles
  • New quality flags for the detection of retrievals with poor chi-2 test values and/or high Levenberg-Marquardt damping factor values
  • Optimized convergent criteria allowing increasing the number of convergent profiles, while reducing the computation time

Re-processed dataset

The new dataset is identified by the following flags:

– Processing Stage = U
– Processing Center = CDEMO or D-PAC
– Software Version = ML2PP/6.0

Note: different to previous reprocessing campaigns, ECMWF a-priori information has not been used. The retrieval initial guess is based on a weighted mean between the climatological profiles and the previous retrieved profile.


Products format and tool

The MIPAS ML2PP version 6.0 data set applies a product format change with respect to the previous version IPF 5.06. The Product Specification document has been updated accordingly and the BEAT Software has been aligned to the new product specification.



More detailed information on all changes implemented for the reprocessing campaign with ML2PP version 6.0 is available online:

Please contact the ESA EO Helpdesk for any further information.