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CryoSat ICE Baseline-D data sample available

21 September 2018

Baseline-D ice data will be released in spring next year and will include several evolutions as well as a new data format (NetCDF).

CryoSat scientific users are informed that a sample dataset has been made available hereafter. It is intended to provide this small data set to allow users to update their tools and reading routines prior to the final official products release. This Baseline-D test data set, covering the day 22/10/2013, is available for:

  • Level 1 (SIR_LRM_1b, SIR_SAR_1b and SIR_SIN_1b) and
  • Level 2 (SIR_LRM_2_, SIR_SAR_2_ and SIR_SIN_2_).

In addition, the draft version of the updated L1b and L2 product format specification documents are also available for download.