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Taking apart a hurricane: multi-sensor Envisat sees through Frances

03 September 2004

Hurricanes are one of those forces of nature that can only fully be captured by satellite imagery. For Hurricane Frances, currently thundering towards the United States coast, ESA's Envisat is going one better, peering through the hurricane from top to bottom, even helping to 'see' under the waves to map hidden forces powering the storm.

Envisat witnesses return of the South Polar ozone hole

01 September 2004

This season's Antarctic ozone hole has swollen to an area of ten million square kilometres from mid-August - approximately the same size as Europe and still expanding. It is expected to reach maximum extent during September, and ESA satellites are vital for monitoring its development.

Wide-viewing Envisat tracks 'son of B-15' iceberg's odyssey around Antarctica

31 August 2004

A new Envisat viewing mode means that icebergs can be routinely tracked on their long trek around Antarctica, with regularly updated images of polar regions now available to highlight ice movements.

Widening Envisat's InSAR view

09 August 2004

One of the most remarkable abilities of ESA's ten-instrument Envisat satellite is being able to precisely measure elevation, and potentially detect tiny millimetre-scale movements of our planet's surface, using a technique called radar interferometry, or InSAR for short.

Envisat's rainbow vision detects ground moving at pace fingernails grow

06 August 2004

Originally developed to pinpoint attacking aircraft during World War Two, today's advanced radar technology can detect a very different moving target: shifts of the Earth's crust that occur as slowly as the growth of your fingernails.

Envisat catches the eye of Typhoon Nida

21 May 2004

The 150-kilometre-per-hour winds of Typhoon Nida brought destruction and death to the Philippines this week. At least 31 people were killed and hundreds more were made homeless as the storm passed across the eastern part of the country on Wednesday.

Erupting volcano casts shadow on Russian peninsula

14 May 2004

The most northerly active volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula is once again erupting, dusting the surrounding snow-white landscape with a wide expanse of dark ash that is visible from 800 km away in space.

Conclusions of the Second Workshop on the Atmospheric Chemistry Validation of Envisat

07 May 2004

Following the recommendations given at the Envisat Validation Workshop and responding to the need for the subgroups of the ACVT to have a meeting to discuss the results of the correlative data acquisitions and analysis and to derive the current status of the operational atmospheric chemistry products including refining the error bars, the (second) workshop on Atmospheric Chemistry Validation of Envisat (ACVE-2) has been held in May 2004. A third ACVE workshop is expected to take place in 2005

Envisat ASAR dataset for BAM made available

07 April 2004

As done for the Izmit earthquake in 1999, ESA makes freely available to the scientific community a dataset of ENVISAT ASAR products (see description below) corresponding to the major quake of Bam (Iran) which took place on 26 December 2003.

Chilean squid invasion explained by Envisat

22 March 2004

Masses of large ocean-going squid have inundated the shores of Southern Chile, alarming local fishermen who fear these carnivorous invaders could threaten fish stocks. Envisat has helped account for their otherwise mysterious arrival.

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