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Double volcanic eruption in Eastern Russia

10 March 2005

Acquired from orbit 800 kilometres away, this Envisat image shows two volcanoes erupting simultaneously on Russia's snowy Kamchatka Peninsula this week.

Health of coral reefs detected from orbit

10 March 2005

Australian researchers have found Envisat's MERIS sensor can detect coral bleaching down to ten metres deep. This means Envisat could potentially monitor impacted coral reefs worldwide on a twice-weekly basis.

MERIS/AATSR Workshop looks at twin sensors with many uses

10 March 2005

Two satellite sensors work better than one for the study of Earth's oceans, atmosphere and land - that was the message of a major ESA workshop bringing together scientific users of Envisat's MERIS and AATSR instruments.

Satellites guide world's top yachts through Southern Ocean 'iceberg alley'

07 March 2005

Three of the world's largest and fastest yachts are in the midst of a non-stop trans-global race, hurtling in excess of 25 knots - 46 kilometres per hour - through the Southern Ocean encircling Antarctica. Iceberg collision is a real risk, but ice-sensitive radar satellites are monitoring the area to provide advance warning to crews.

Envisat detects 'grass of the sea' blooming early off Norway.

04 March 2005

Spring starts early this year in Norway's fjords and coastal waters, with sunny weather awakening a colourful bloom of marine phytoplankton. ESA's Envisat spacecraft is being used to monitor its development.

Envisat marks its third year in orbit

04 March 2005

A colourful view of the Bangladesh coastline to mark the week of ESA's Envisat environmental satellite's third anniversary in orbit.

B-15A iceberg's close encounter monitored by Envisat

19 January 2005

Some anticipated the 'collision of the century': the vast, drifting B15-A iceberg was apparently on collision course with the floating pier of ice known as the Drygalski ice tongue. Whatever actually happens from here, Envisat's radar vision will pierce through Antarctic clouds to give researchers a ringside seat.

Breath of the dragon: ERS-2 and Envisat reveal impact of economic growth on China's air quality

09 January 2005

China's spectacular economic growth during the last decade has brought many benefits ? and some challenges. Global atmospheric mapping of nitrogen dioxide pollution performed by ERS-2's GOME and Envisat's SCIAMACHY reveals the world's largest amount of NO2 hanging above Beijing and northeast China, as reported in Nature this week.

Envisat provides support to relief efforts with imagery of tsunami-stricken areas.

03 January 2005

A week after the tsunami that hit Asia on 26 December the death toll is still rising. Nearly 140 000 people are confirmed dead, more than 1.8 million people need food aid and an estimated five million are homeless.

Satellites guide ship through South Pacific's watery desert

23 December 2004

There is a desert in the heart of the South Pacific. Surrounding Easter Island is the purest and bluest seawater on Earth, almost empty of the microscopic phytoplankton at the base of the marine food web. French vessel L'Atalante recently completed a research cruise through this region, its day-to-day route guided by ocean colour satellites.

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