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Chilean squid invasion explained by Envisat

22 March 2004

Masses of large ocean-going squid have inundated the shores of Southern Chile, alarming local fishermen who fear these carnivorous invaders could threaten fish stocks. Envisat has helped account for their otherwise mysterious arrival.

Patagonian ice dam studied from space cracks open

19 March 2004

A spectacle unseen for 16 years occurred in Patagonia this week: a natural dam of blue ice gave way to crushing lake waters trapped behind it, finally breaking apart.

Envisat celebrates its second year in space

01 March 2004

On the last night of February 2002 ESA's Envisat - the largest and most sophisticated Earth Observation spacecraft ever built - swapped the tropical atmosphere of French Guiana for orbital vacuum, as it was shot 800 km into the sky by Ariane 5 launcher.

Ten-thousandth Orbit

19 February 2004

28 January 2004 was a special day for the Envisat mission as the satellite completed its 10,000th orbit. This means that Envisat has travelled 450 million kilometers since its launch, i.e. as much as Mars Express.

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