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Envisat PDS Version 3 - Integration Started

01 September 2000

Each Payload Data Segment (PDS) facility has been upgraded by the PDS prime and subcontractors to version 3, making them compatible with the on board Solid State recorder, the latest satellite to Ground interface, and the latest version of computer platform hardware and operating system.

Envisat undergoes mechanical vibration tests

20 August 2000

Over the last two weeks the Envisat flight model went successfully through all mechanical vibration tests at ESTEC. The test results have convinced Arianespace that Envisat is now qualified to the Ariane 5 launch environment. The successful completion of these tests, during the end of August, was not only a milestone for the Envisat project, but also for the large hydraulic shaker Hydra, as Envisat was its first customer. Hydra is the biggest satellite shaker in Europe and the newest facility facility at ESA's test centre at ESTEC.

Envisat performs perfectly during acoustic testing

31 July 2000

During the end of July, acoustic testing of the Envisat spacecraft took place in ESA's Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) at ESTEC. The flight model of Envisat underwent a test simulating the acoustic noise to be encountered during an Ariane 5 launch. This test, concluded 8th August, confirmed the satellite's capability to withstand the corresponding noise levels without problems.

Report on ozone layer in the Arctic

05 April 2000

The first results of the THESEO 2000/SOLVE project show that ozone losses of over 60% have occurred in the Arctic stratosphere near 18km altitude during one of the coldest stratospheric winters on record. GOME measurements over the Arctic support investigations on the recovery of the ozone layer.

Envisat 1:1 Scale Model

04 April 2000

The Envisat Scale Model can be seen at ILA Berlin, May 2000

MIPAS - An ENVISAT Instrument for Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Research

01 February 2000

Details of the scientific rationale underlying MIPAS and lists of associated observing capabilities and spectral and radiometric requirements are given in a special ESA publication: ENVISAT MIPAS An Instrument for Atmospheric Chemisty and Climate Research.

Envisat AO

19 December 1997

Envisat Announcement of Opportunity is now open.

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