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Swarm Ionospheric Currents Products Workshop

The ESA's Swarm Ionospheric Currents Products Workshop was hosted by the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), Noordwijk, the Netherlands, from 07 to 08 September 2017.



  08:45-09:00  Introduction
Rune Floberghagen ESA Introduction about objectives and procedure
  09:00-18:00  Evolution of products for high-latitude Field Aligned Currents (FACs) through a Methodology Inter-comparison Exercise (MICE)
David Knudsen Introduction about the FAC physical processes
Karl M. Laundal Swarm DISC ITT 1.3: Production and visualisation of a climatological model of high-latitude ionospheric and field aligned current systems
Hermann Lühr The Swarm Level 2 CAT-2 FAC products
Adrian Blagau Institute of Space Science (ISI) – Jacobs University Bremen (JUB) Report prepared for Swarm FAC-MICE workshop
Kirsti Kauristie Spherical Elementary Current Systems - Strenghts and limitations
Malcolm Dunlop Multi-point 2-D and 3-D analysis of FACs
Jiashu Wu FAC algorithms and product validation
Colin Forsyth Identifying Intervals of Spatio-Temporally Invariant Field-Aligned Currents from Swarm: Assessing the Validity of Single Spacecraft Methods
Ivan Pakhotin FAC-MICE challenge University of Alberta contribution
Jesper Gjerloev Deriving Birkeland Current Densities: Which result do you prefer?
Jakub Velímský The along-track spectral-spatial analysis of Swarm vector magnetic data: Accounting for the auroral electrojets and eld-aligned currents
Hermann Lühr Characteristic properties of selected FAC events
Lorenzo Trenchi ESA Presentation of FAC-MICE results
Round table discussion The FAC-MICE results
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Round table discussion The evolution of present FAC products and identification of new potential FAC products
  10:50-15:00  Evolution of products for Low Latitude Ionospheric Currents
Lorenzo Trenchi ESA Introduction about objectives
Astrid Maute Low and middle latitude ionospheric currents
Patrick Alken Evolution of the Swarm Level-2 Equatorial Electric Field (and Equatorial Electrojet) processing chain: using vector data
Claudia Stolle Possible use of L2 algorithm at low latitudes
Heikki Vanhamäki Swarm-Spherical Elementary Current System (Swarm-SECS) analysis at middle and low latitudes
Patrick Alken Opportunities for new low/mid latitude ionospheric products for Swarm
Round table discussion How Swarm can contribute, identification of potential new products, applicability of algorithms, possible validation methods

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Access to the Swarm Ionospheric Currents Products Workshop Presentations

Presentations of the Swarm Ionospheric Currents Products Workshop can be downloaded via Swarm FTP site. However, the valid username and password are required. If you have any questions or comments, please send email to feedback.

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