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    Climate Change/Kyoto

    Instrument type
    Date of Launch:
    ERS-1 - 17 July 1991
    ERS-2 - 21 April 1995
    Mission Status:
    ERS-1 ended on March 2000 and ERS-2 September 2011 
    Orbit Height:
    782 to 785 km
    Orbit type:
    Near-circular, polar, Sun-synchronous
    Swath Width:
    5 km
    GOME Level 1 Spectral Product
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    Last update: 15 January 2019

    GOME Level 1 products contain Earthshine radiance at the Top of the Atmosphere and solar irradiance spectra. They were generated by DLR on behalf of the European Space Agency with Level 1 GOME Data Processor (GDP-L1) starting from the Extracted GOME Calibration (EGOC) Level 0 data files.

    Originally raw detector signals (binary Analog to Digital Converted units) of the science measurements plus calibration constants were provided (dataset version 4 and lower), but following the end of the operational phase of the ERS-2 mission (2 July 2011), as part of ESA's post-operational algorithm improvement activities (Coldewey-Egbers et al., 2018), the GOME Level 1 data type was entirely revised and a dataset of fully calibrated and ready to use data was generated with GOME processor version 5.1. The version 5.1 data bring relevant quality improvements for the revised calibration approach, compensating aging and instrument degradation, and provide enhanced accessibility.

    The version 5.1 data are in NetCDF format and differ fundamentally from the previous GOME Level 1 data, having the Envisat proprietary format and basically containing Level 1a data where a dedicated extraction software tool had to be applied by end user to obtain spectrally and radiometrically calibrated radiances (including the correction for polarisation, leakage current and stray light). Such calibrations are now applied to the version 5.1 L1b data product in the standard processing.

    Users of GOME Level 1 products are strongly recommended to migrate to the latest reprocessed dataset. Please consult the GOME Product Quality Readme file before using the data.

    Data Set Specifications
    Spatial coverage: 90 N, 90 S, 180 W, 180 E
    Temporal coverage: 1995-06-28 - 2011-07-02
    Starting from July 2003, products have reduced orbital coverage due to permanent failure of the ERS-2 Low Bit Rate on-board storage capability. Data could not be stored on-board any longer, and only direct transmission to on-ground receiving stations distributed over the globe was possible.
    Current Processor Version: GDP-L1 5.1
    Processing level
    Level 1
    How to access this data

    The GOME Level 1 dataset is available for the full mission (from 28 June 1995 to 02 July 2011), via FTP upon registration.

    Details on the datasets currently distributed can be found in the ERS-2 GOME Products Availability Table.

    Level 1 baseline version 5.1 - ER2_RPRO_GOM_L1B

    Fully calibrated and ready to use Earthshine spectral radiance and solar irradiance spectra. Usage of extraction software tool is not required. See related news of 20 June 2018.

    Terms & Conditions applicable
    Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions




    GOME Level 0 to 1 v5.1 Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document (ATBD)


    GOME Level 1 v5 Product User Manual (PUM)


    GOME Level 1 v5 Products Quality Readme File


    GOME Level 1 v5 Validation Report


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