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Dr. Niels Bormann
Satellite Section - ECMWF
Shinfield Park
Reading, Berkshire RG2 9AX
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 118 949 9652

Niels Bormann joined ECMWF from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in 2000. Since then he has worked on the assimilation of satellite observations for Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and other applications such as re-analysis and environmental monitoring. His main research interests are the assimilation of microwave and infrared sounding radiances, including limb radiances from MIPAS, and the use of Atmospheric Motion Vectors for NWP.

He is currently leading ECMWF's developments in the use of ATOVS data. Niels is or has been a member of a number of scientific committees at EUMETSAT, ESA, and CSA.