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Dr. Eleni Tzortzi
University of Hamburg


Dr Eleni Tzortzi has a B.Sc. in Marine Sciences in 2007 from the University of Aegean, Greece, a Master of Research (M.Res.) in Ocean Remote Sensing in 2009 from the University of Southampton (UoS)-National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS), and a PhD in Satellite Physical Oceanography in 2015 from NOCS-UoS (UK).

During 2014-2015, Eleni was employed as a Satellite Oceanographer at NOCS within the European Space Agency (ESA) SMOS+SOS (Surface Ocean Salinity) project. As a Post-doc at Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) at the Mathematics department, University of Exeter (UK), and in collaboration with the Met Office, her main research concerned probabilistic modelling and machine learning of marine autonomous vehicles for the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Adaptive Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network (AAOSN) "Sampling Ocean Features Autonomously (SOFA)" project.

Eleni has worked as Bilko demonstrator for 3 years, providing support to computer practicals for undergraduate and master's courses in ocean remote sensing at the University of Southampton, as well as at the 6th ESA EO Summer School in 2012. She has also participated in various remote sensing trainings held by ESA, e.g. the "5th ESA EO Summer School in 2010, as well as by other international institutes, e.g. the "Ocean Remote Sensing Synergy: statistical & physical approaches" Summer School in 2014. Today she works at the University of Hambug in the Research Coordination Office.

Main research interests include modern methodologies and ocean applications of remote sensing observations; oceanic processes measured from space; synergy of different data sources (satellite, in situ, modelling) and sensors in answering physical oceanographic questions; sensor/data validation and monitoring; the ocean's role in climate dynamics, ocean circulation, large- and meso-scale processes; surface ocean-atmosphere exchanges; wave/wind climate; extreme conditions.