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Dr Angela Benedetti


Dr. Angela Benedetti is a Senior Scientist at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Reading, United Kingdom. She received her master degree in Physics at the University of Rome, "La Sapienza" and earned a PhD in Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University in Colorado. She joined ECMWF over 14 years ago as a research consultant to work on assimilation of cloud and precipitation information from active sensors. After 2 years she started working on GEMS, MACC and MACCII, the precursor programs of the EU Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service whose mission is to provide services related to prediction and monitoring of atmospheric composition. Her role in these projects has been that of developing and maintaining the aerosol assimilation system.

She has been since at the forefront of aerosol prediction, and has contributed to the enhancement of the field by cofounding the International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction, by serving in several international committees (WMOS-SDS, GAW SAG, Aeolus Mission Advisory Group), and by publishing several contributions in international scientific journals. She also contributes yearly to the Bulletin of the American Society State of Climate with her articles on aerosol anomalies. She has taught the atmospheric composition module in the ESA-sponsored MOOC on Climate Change and she is a regular lecturer at the yearly ECMWF's training course on Data Assimilation.

Her recent focus has shifted to aerosol impacts on the Numerical Weather Prediction at long ranges (monthly to seasonal) as contribution to the DACCIWA project. She is also a PI of an ESA activity on assimilation of Aeolus/EarthCARE aerosol data, and work package leader for the modelling activity in ACTRIS-2. She can be contacted at