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Prof. Bernard Pinty
Global Environment Monitoring (GEM) Unit
European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre
Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES)
TP 272 Via E Fermi, 2749, I-21027 Ispra (VA)

Tel: +39 06 941 80584

Bernard received his Maîtrise de Chimie and DEA (1977), thèse de troisième cycle en Physique de l'Atmosphère (1980) and thèse d'Etat (1988), all from the Université Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

He visited the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, CO (1988-1989), served as Deputy Director of the Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherches en Télédétection Spatiale (LERTS) in Toulouse, France (1990-1992) and was appointed Full Professor of Physics at the Université Blaise Pascal in 1993. He is currently with the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) in Ispra, Italy.

He received the Zel'dovich medal from COSPAR (1990) and is a member of the MERIS Scientific Advisory Group of the European Space Agency, and a member of the MISR Science Team of NASA/JPL. In 2002, he was awarded both the ‘Group Achievement Award’ by NASA and the ‘ENVISAT Medal’ by ESA. His main interests currently include research on the theory of radiation transfer in plant canopies, and, more generally, the development of tools to quantitatively interpret satellite remote sensing data in the optical spectral domain, including inverse methods. He is the author/co-author of over 120 refereed publications.