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The 2007 training course was dedicated to land remote sensing theory and applications. The programme was organized around four main components:

  1. Theoretical fundamentals;
  2. EO missions and products;
  3. EO land applications lectures;
  4. Practicals.

All four components addressed both SAR and Optical/Thermal remote sensing.

SAR multitemporal colour composite over Lisbon (Red: 26/10/2003, Green: 17/08/2003, Blue: 04/05/2003)

MERIS image over Lisbon, Portugal, acquired on 6 August 2006. Credits ESA.

Aknowledging the dual nature of the audience, the theoretical fundamentals were presented in two parallel sessions:

  • One targeted to students with a SAR background addressing advanced SAR theory (including advanced interferometry and polarimetry) and introducing the basics of Optical/Thermal theory;
  • One for students with Optical/Thermal background, addressing advanced Optical/Thermal theory (including radiative transfer and surface energy balance) and introducing the basics of SAR.

The emphasis of the course was put on applications, which were addressed through keynotes lectures and dedicated hands-on sessions. Applications presented covered GMES land thematic priorities:

  • Land resources (forestry, agriculture, land cover and land use);
  • Disasters (fires, floods, terrain motion);
  • Water resources (water availability).

The detailed programme is shown below, please click on it for a higher resolution version.


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