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SMOS Artificial Scene Library (ASL)

Starting with version 7 of the level 1B SMOS products, the Gibbs 2 algorithm is used for Brightness Temperature image reconstruction. This algorithm subtracts an estimated base image (artificial scene) to the measurements, with the sea modelled by a fixed Fresnel model and a fixed land temperature, to decrease the overall radiometric bias and mitigate the land-sea transitions bias in the final SMOS image.

The SMOS Artificial Scene Library (ASL) function allows users to directly use the L1B product version 7 by mimicking the Gibbs-2 image reconstruction correction algorithm as it is implemented in the level 1 operational processor. SMOS ASL allows to produce the same estimated artificial scene as seen by the instrument so that it can be added directly to L1b data to reconstruct the final Brightness temperature of the scene.



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