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  • News - Data Release news

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    New BorealScat campaign dataset released

    A new dataset has been released for the BorealScat campaign, which took place between 2017 and 2021 in Sweden.

  • Campaign

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    The main objective of “BorealScat – Technical Assistance for the Deployment of a Tower-based Radar and Geophysical Measurements during the BorealScat Experiment” was to characterise and quantify the temporal variations of radar observations of a forest stand over timescales ranging from seconds to years and to investigate the effects of environmental variables.

  • News - Infographics

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    ICEYE – A persistent monitoring SAR constellation

    Learn more about the ICEYE mission, a constellation of SAR satellites and part of ESA's Third Party Missions programme, in our latest infographic.

  • News - Success Stories

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    ESA's open source computing project for the Biomass mission goes live

    The Biomass Product Algorithm Laboratory (BioPAL) is an open-source scientific computing project, which supports the development of ESA’s Biomass mission algorithms coded in Python.

  • Event - Training

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    10th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing EO and AI for Forestry

    This ESA course was dedicated to training the next generation of EO scientists and experts working in forestry domain to exploit data from EO missions and use AI for science and applications development.

  • Campaign

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    The fires observational campaign was performed during summer 2006 and dedicated to the study of fire emission in the spectral region VNIR-SWIR.

  • Event - Conference

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    ALOS 2008 Symposium

    The 2008 Joint PI Symposium of the ALOS Data Nodesa was a forum to exchange views on technical and scientific issues on the data exploitation.

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