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  • Event - Workshop

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    Space and the Arctic 2009 Workshop

    Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at an unprecedented rate. This workshop looked at the needs and challenges of working and living in the rapidly changing Arctic and explore how space-based services might help to meet those needs.

  • News - Success Stories

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    Surviving the shaker brings better weather forecasting a step closer

    Meteosat Third Generation will soon take over the reins from Meteosat Second Generation series, providing critical data for weather forecasting.

  • Mission - Meteorological Missions

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    Meteosat Second Generation

    The ESA Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) programme, started in 1994, is composed of four satellites.

  • Event - Conference

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    3rd ERS Symposium

    The ESA Directorate for Observation of the Earth and its Environment held the 3rd ERS Symposium, in 1997, where many of the results from the ERS-1 and ERS-2 missions were presented and discussed by the scientific community.

  • Document - Conference Presentation - Poster

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    This poster from ESA's EO Summer School 5 describes comparison of MISR and Meteosat-9 cloud motion winds

  • Document - General Reference

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    This brochure features the Envisat, ERS, Meteosat Second Generation, and MetOp missions, and describes their benefits to environmental research and monitoring.