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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

Data Description

AVHRR Level-1b local area coverage imagery

This collection is composed of AVHRR L1B products (1.1 km) reprocessed from the NOAA and Metop AVHRR sensors data acquired at the University of ...

Data Description

Envisat MERIS Full Resolution Full Swath - Level 2 [MER_FRS_2P]

MERIS MER_FRS_2P is a Full-Resolution Geophysical Product for Ocean, Land and Atmosphere. The product is also specific to Water Leaving Radiance...

Data Description

MERIS Level 3 Demonstration Products

MERIS is a 68.5 degree field-of-view pushbroom imaging spectrometer that measures the solar radiation reflected by the Earth, at a ground spatia...

Data Description

Envisat MERIS Full Resolution Full Swath - Level 1 [MER_FRS_1P]

The MERIS Level 1b product is given in radiance units [W sr-1 m-2 micrometers-1] after scaling. The in-band reference irradiances for the 15 MER...


Discover the latest news on the European Space Agency's Earth Observation activities. Learn all about new data availability and how ESA's missions are performing.

Scientific Highlights

Gravity Field Models from Swarm data

In addition to its geomagnetic objectives, GPS receivers onboard Swarm can and have already been exploited to measure temporal variations in Earth's global gravity field.

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Explore the European Space Agency's Earth Observation satellite missions. Learn all about ESA's dedicated Earth Explorers or collaborations with other agencies through the Third Party Missions programme.

Third Party Missions


NOAA's AVHRR sensor is carried on the POES mission, a constellation of polar orbiting weather satellites.

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