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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

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    TanSat AGCS and CAPI products

    The Atmospheric Carbon-dioxide Grating Spectrometer (ACGS) instrument is pushbroom spectrometer operating in NIR and SWIR bands which allows the measuring of CO2 mole fraction. The available ACGS products have a temporal coverage between March 2017 and January 2020 (not all days included in the time frame): L1A DS: Sample Dark Calibration sample product L1A GL: Sample Glint Sample products L1A LS: Sample Lamp Calibration sample product L1A ND: Principal-Plane Nadir Sample product L1A ZS: Sample Z-Axis Solar Calibration Sample L1B CAL DS: Sample Dark Calibration product L1B CAL LS: Sample Lamp Calibration product L1B CAL ZS: Sample Z-Axis Solar Calibration product L1B SCI GL: Sample Glint Science product L1B SCI ND: Principal-Plane Nadir Science product.   The Cloud Aerosol Polarization Imager (CAPI) is a pushbroom radiometer in VIS, NIR and SWIR bands for the observation of aerosols and clouds optical properties. The CAPI products are available in a time range from July 2019 and January 2020 (not all days included in the time frame): L1A ND: Principal-Plane Nadir product L1B ND 1000M: Principal-Plane Nadir products at 1000 m resolution (1375 nm, 1640 nm) L1B ND 250M: Principal-Plane Nadir products at 250 m resolution (380 nm, 670 nm, 870 nm) L1B ND GEOQK: Principal-Plane Nadir georeferenced at 250 m resolution L1B ND GEO1K: Principal-Plane Nadir georeferenced at 1000 m resolution L1B ND OBC: Principal-Plane Nadir on-board calibrator product L2 ND CLM: Principal-Plane Nadir cloud flag product.

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