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Surviving the shaker brings better weather forecasting a step closer

02 Jul 2019

With the first in the next generation of Meteosat satellites due to be launched in a couple of years, an important milestone has been passed, further paving the way for better weather forecasts – something on which we all rely.

Building on the long-standing partnership between ESA and EUMETSAT, the success of both the first generation of Meteosat missions and the current Meteosat Second Generation series, Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) will soon take over the reins of providing critical data from for weather forecasting.

While this third generation of weather satellites guarantees the continuity of data for weather forecasting from geostationary orbit, the combination of its higher resolution images and state-of-the-art sounding products is set to take weather forecasting to the next level, particularly in the challenging task of 'nowcasting'.

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