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Spire data now open to users

28 Sep 2020

Following the submission of a project proposal, data from the Spire mission are now available and can be accessed by users worldwide.

Considered a Third Party Mission under assessment, ESA is inviting end-users to apply for this new dataset, on the condition that the selected users report on the achieved suitability for their studies.

Spire Global, Inc. is a space-to-cloud data and analytics company specialising in the tracking of global data sets, powered by a large constellation of nanosatellites, such as the tracking of maritime, aviation and weather patterns.

Having launched more than 100 satellites since its creation, it currently operates a fleet of more than 90 CubeSats, the second largest commercial constellation by number of satellites, and the largest by number of sensors. Its satellites are integrally designed and built in-house.

The data collected by Spire has a diverse range of applications, from analysis of global trade patterns and commodity flows, to aircraft routing to weather forecasting. The data also provide interesting research opportunities on topics as varied as ocean currents and GNSS-based planetary boundary layer height.

Spire's Lemur satellites are flexible platforms built to operate a variety of in-house or hosted payloads. The satellites are multi-sensor, with data types such as Automatic Identification System (AIS) service, used for tracking sea vessels.

These data (Spire live and historical data) are valuable for battling illegal fishing, for trade monitoring, maritime domain awareness, insurance, asset tracking, search and rescue, and prevention of piracy, among others.