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SMOS Near Real Time Sea Surface Wind Speed products back to nominal dissemination

23 May 2023

The SMOS Near Real Time Sea Surface Wind Speed data production stopped on 2 May 2023 due to a format modification of the Mercator Global Ocean Physics Analysis and Forecast product.

The near real time processor was adapted to the new Mercator data format and the nominal processing chain has now resumed. The data can be downloaded normally again, but please note that the dataset is now Version 303.

The data gap since 2 May 2023 will be updated progressively to avoid any impact to the Near Real Time production.

Some isolated differences in the produced data were identified, likely linked to the evolution of the Mercator product. These differences do not impact the overall quality of the products, nevertheless the SMOS Wind expert team is analysing these differences and will communicate the results as soon as available.

For further information, please refer to the new version 2.3 of the Read Me First note.