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PROBA-V, ready to close its green eyes

26 Oct 2021

While the operational mission of the global PROBA-V mission ended on 30 June 2020 after more than 7 years in orbit, its vegetation instrument continued acquiring data over the European and African land masses in an experimental mode.

During the operational phase of the mission, PROBA-V's Vegetation (VGT) instrument provided a continuous daily picture of the state of vegetation across the majority of our planet.

As foreseen in August 2020, the closure of PROBA-V's 'green eyes' is now scheduled to occur on 31 October 2021 when the VGT instrument will cease operation.

The other instruments onboard PROBA-V will remain active, and more information about this will be announced soon.

New datasets for the mission are coming in 2022! The entire global PROBA-V archive (covering 16 October 2013 – 30 June 2020) is being reprocessed. This Collection 2 dataset will contain some important product and quality upgrades. More details about this reprocessing campaign can be found on VITO's PROBA-V website.



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