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New Swarm-TIRO dataset released

09 Jun 2022

A new dataset, generated in the frame of Swarm-TIRO (Topside Ionosphere Radio Observations from multiple LEO-missions) project, has now been made available.

The Swarm-TIRO project provides two groups of products for several satellite missions: Total Electron Content (TEC) and electron density (NE).

The topside TEC product is derived from the dual-frequency Global Positioning System (GPS) observations and provided for the CHAMP, GRACE and GRACE-FO missions.

The electron density product is derived from the dual-frequency measurements obtained from the inter-satellite K-Band ranging (KBR) system between the two GRACE and GRACE-FO satellites, respectively.

The dataset is available on the Swarm dissemination server at the following paths:

  • /Multimission/CHAMP/TEC/
  • /Multimission/GRACE/TEC/Sat_A(B)
  • /Multimission/GRACE/NE/Dual_Sat
  • /Multimission/GRACE-FO/TEC/Sat_A(B)
  • /Multimission/GRACE-FO/NE/Dual_Sat


For more information on the contents of this data product, please refer to the TIRO project page.



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