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New Release of VirES for Swarm 3.9.0

20 May 2022

A new version of VirES has been released implementing the following:

  • new EFIxTIE_2 and EFIx_TCT* products added
  • CryoSat2 MAG products updated to latest baseline
  • notebooks documentation moved to
  • links from VirES web client to the VRE notebooks improved
  • numerous fixes behind the hood


VirES for Swarm is a highly interactive data visualisation, manipulation, analysis and retrieval interface for the ESA Swarm constellation mission products. It includes tools for studying various geomagnetic models by comparing them to the Swarm satellite measurements at given space weather and ionospheric conditions.

In addition to the Web-GUI, data can be accessed directly through the API using e.g. the VirES Python client and the Swarm Virtual Research Environment (VRE).



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