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New CHAMP Neutral Density and Crosswind data sets available

10 Jan 2023

The Thermosphere Observations from Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites (TOLEOS) project, funded by the Swarm DISC, delivered newly reprocessed neutral density and crosswind observations for the entire CHAMP mission.

The new data complement the earlier delivered GRACE and GRACE-FO data, which in turn complement the existing Swarm and GOCE data available in ESA’s Earth observation data archive.

The TOLEOS project implemented an improved accelerometer data preprocessing and calibration and radiation pressure modelling based on a ray tracing method. The improvements led to more precise observations, particularly at altitudes above 400 km and during solar minimum conditions.

The new data is available on the Swarm dissemination server in the multi-mission directory. The data can also be accessed through via an FTP client.