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Meet the Quality Assurance for EO Team

30 Jun 2023

The Quality Assurance For Earth Observation (also known as QA4EO) Service began its operations on 1 November 2019, providing support to the Data Quality and Algorithms Management Office at ESRIN, within the Sensor Performance, Processing and Algorithm section.

The service is led by a Leadership Team that consists of seven members who are in charge of the successful delivery of various tasks within its service. These tasks are broadly divided under the following two categories:

  • Quality Control Operations and Tools Maintenance and Evolution

    This is the main mission-focused operational activity, concerned with monitoring mission and instrument performance, checking data production and quality, assisting reprocessing campaigns, and providing information and support to users. This activity also contributes to the algorithms, processors and Quality Control (QC) tools activities, supporting the production of required documentation (e.g. Product Specification Documents and Product Handbooks) and the acceptance of deliverables.

    In addition, outreach forms an integral part of this activity, in order to ensure that the end user are engaged and kept up-to-date with the latest status.

  • R&D Cal/Val and Metrology

    This activity is aimed at supporting R&D (in the domains of Algorithms and Products evolution, and Cal/Val) and Metrology, which are two key pillars of the SPPA (Sensor Performance, Processing and Algorithm) domain. It works in close collaboration with SPPA for promoting and supporting R&D and Metrology activities in a wide range of EO domains, which are described below.

    It also supports the longer-term strategic aims of SPPA, in international collaboration in Cal/Val measurements, campaigns and working groups, and the organisation of workshops in line with ESA’s long-term evolution goals. Specific mission management support also comes under this activity. Again, outreach forms an essential part of their operations, in order keep the end users engaged and interested.

Let’s meet the lead team members