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Improved resolution for SkySat data and extension of Planet data availability

14 Sep 2020

The orbit of the SkySat satellites has been lowered from 500 km to 450 km altitude and various processing improvements have been implemented by Planet (see their announcement: Planet Announces 50 cm SkySat Imagery, Tasking Dashboard And Up To 12x Revisit ) consequently, since 30 June 2020, the spatial resolution of SkySat has been improved to 50 cm for ortho products and 65 cm (nadir view) for basic products. Image and metadata format remain unchanged.

Data collected before July 2020 continue to maintain the original resolution (72 cm at nadir for basic product and 80 cm for ortho products).

In order to allow the ESA scientific community to access the new SkySat data at improved spatial resolution we are pleased to announce the extension of the Planet Announcement of Opportunity up to the end of October.