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Experimental version of SMOS Antarctic Sea ice thickness product is now available

27 Nov 2023

The experimental version of the SMOS Antarctic Sea ice thickness product was produced using a method to derive the sea-ice thickness from 1.4 GHz brightness temperatures previously developed for the Arctic, with only modified auxiliary data.

The product is available in the cold season during the freezing period, typically March to October for the Southern Hemisphere. The experimental product is now available on the SMOS dissemination service. The validation paper is under review, a preprint is available.

14 years of SMOS sea ice thickness (experimental product)
14 years of SMOS sea ice thickness (experimental product). Each figure shows the daily Antarctic Sea ice thickness on 30 June from year 2010 (top left panel) to year 2023 (bottom right panel). Credits: ESA/AWI.

For more information please refer to the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) the Product Description Document (PDD) and the Read-Me-First note available on the SMOS L3 Sea Ice Thickness product page.