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CryoSat Ice Baseline-D data sample and updated documentation available

25 Apr 2019

Following the successful CryoSat Quality Working Group Meeting held between 26 to 28 November 2018, the upcoming CryoSat Ice Baseline-D data products have been further refined.

The Baseline-D ice chain will be transferred to operation on 27 May 2019 and will include several evolutions as well as a new data format (NetCDF).

A sample dataset has been made available, in order to allow you to update tools and reading routines prior to the final official products release.

The Baseline-D test dataset covers 12 November 2013 and is available for:

  • Level 1 (SIR_LRM_1b, SIR_SAR_1b and SIR_SIN_1b)
  • Level 2 (SIR_LRM_2_, SIR_SAR_2_ and SIR_SIN_2_)

In addition, the final and consolidated version of the L1b and L2 product format specification, and summary of evolution document are also available for download.



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