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CASSIOPE/Swarm-E celebrates 10th anniversary

29 Sep 2023

We're thrilled to announce an exciting milestone in space exploration – the 10th anniversary of the CASSIOPE (now known as Swarm-Echo) satellite’s launch! Launched in 2013 by the Canadian Space Agency, CASSIOPE has been part of ESA's Swarm mission for five years.

A Decade of Scientific Research

A decade ago, CASSIOPE embarked on its journey into low-Earth orbit on a SpaceX rocket, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a mission to unravel the mysteries of Earth's ionosphere. From day one it exceeded expectations, offering invaluable insights into our planet's complex electromagnetic environment.

Transforming into Swarm-Echo

Over the years, CASSIOPE evolved, adapting to new challenges and expanding its mission scope. In 2018 it joined ESA’s Swarm mission as Swarm-Echo, bringing together two complementary missions to study the complexities of Earth’s magnetic field and how processes on the Sun affect the movement of mass and energy in Earth’s ionosphere.

Exploring the near-Earth Space Environment

Swarm-Echo has provided a wealth of data for deciphering the ionosphere's secrets, helping us understand its impact on radio signals, GPS, and storms in space. Its innovative instruments have provided data for researchers worldwide, enabling groundbreaking discoveries and the development of new technologies.

As we commemorate this remarkable journey of 10 years in space, and from CASSIOPE to Swarm-Echo, we look forward to the continuing discoveries made possible by the mission and other insights to come over the next 10 years!