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Back-processed data from 2010 now available for CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Baseline 2

14 Apr 2023

Following on from the release of new Baseline 2 point and gridded products for CryoTEMPO-EOLIS, the data for several regions have now been back-processed to 2010 and are available from the CryoSat Science Server.

Point product regions back-processed to include July 2010 until now are:

  • Alaska
  • Arctic Canada North
  • High Mountain Asia (Central/South East/South West Asia)
  • Russian Arctic
  • Svalbard
  • Iceland

Regions that are currently missing are the Greenland Ice Sheet/Periphery, Antarctic Ice Sheet/Periphery, Arctic Canada South, and Southern Andes.

Gridded product regions back-processed to include August 2010 until now are:

  • Svalbard
  • Iceland

A reminder that details of the improvements to the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS products can be found in the CryoTEMPO-EOLIS Product Handbook and Algorithm Technical Baseline Document.



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