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Aeolus NRT FM-A public data available after instrument switch over

30 Nov 2022

The Aeolus ALADIN FM-A instrument switch-on and its commissioning have been successfully completed.

Starting from the 1 December 2022, the NRT production with sensing starting from the 28 November 2022 at 00:01:00 UTC when the nominal instrument acquisition planning was resumed is again available through the public collections on the ESA Dissemination Server.

The quality of the Level-2B scientific wind products (Mie + Rayleigh) and Level-2A SCA and MLE aerosol/cloud optical products is very good, while the Level-1B preliminary wind products and the Level-2A AEL-FM and AEL-PRO aerosol/cloud optical products might not be of best quality yet. Further improvements to this data is expected over the next weeks.



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