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Workshop on Radiometric Calibration for European Optical Missions

30-Aug - 31-Aug 2017

ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy


The objectives of the workshop were to report on the status on the current calibration performance for the European Missions (Proba-V, Sentinel-2A, Sentinel-2B, Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR, MERIS and ATSR), to compare the various approaches used by the different missions and to identify open points and issues. The discussions aimed at giving coherence between the various missions in term of radiometric calibration. This workshop was a European contribution to the CEOS WGCV/IVOS group on the calibration harmonisation discussion, in particular, the ‘harmonisation of calibration coefficients' between missions and if and how we could agree on radiometric standard between missions.

A report on the "operational calibration methods" (how the operation gains are derived) was achieved through this workshop. During this discussion the common parts and the differences between missions were identified. Moreover, the way to validate them (inter-comparison, vicarious methods) was discussed. Issues, open points and questions were also analysed. In the second day further discussions took place on the methods and matters related to the vicarious calibration techniques.

The participation was limited to European key actors in the calibration domain, with an invitation to NASA colleagues, in order to share their experiences.



The Workshop on Radiometric Calibration for European Optical Missions was held at ESA's centre for Earth observation ESRIN, in Frascati (20 km south of Rome):

Largo Galileo Galilei,

Casella Postale 64

00044 Frascati (Rome), Italy



 Organisation committee   
 Philippe Goryl (ESA)   
 Steffen Dransfeld (ESA)   
 Ferran Gascon (ESA)   
 Fabrizio Niro (Serco)   
 Georgia Doxani (Serco)   







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