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Workshop on International Cooperation in Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy

09-Jul - 11-Jul 2019

Frascati, Italy

Workshop on Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy

The 2019 Workshop on International Cooperation in Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy took place at ESA ESRIN in Frascati, Italy.

The main objectives of this workshop were to recommend future international coordination permitting cooperation in the deployment, operation, and exploitation of space-based imaging spectrometers for terrestrial and coastal scientific and operational applications.

Other objectives included:

  • Assess the status of current and planned international imaging spectroscopy missions for terrestrial and coastal applications
  • Review the main related activities and projects in the associated science and application areas
  • Establish possibilities of international cooperation in the mission and ground segment operation, calibration and validation, data access and data exploitation

Visit the workshop website to learn more about the event.



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