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User Consultation for Infrastructures Planning and Monitoring Conference 2019

26-Feb - 27-Feb 2019

Frascati, Italy

ESA UC Infrastructure

The European Space Agency (ESA) hosted a joint German Aerospace Center (DLR)/ESA user consultation for infrastructures planning and monitoring conference, involving representatives from the academic, institutional and private sector on 26 and 27 February 2019 in Frascati, Italy.

The aim of the consultation was to define a roadmap for research and application projects utilising space-based Earth observation (EO) data for monitoring infrastructures (roads, bridges, railways, harbours, airports, power and industrial plants, pipelines, electricity networks, governmental buildings, hospitals) within ESA's EO Science for Society programme element.

The objectives of the event were:

  • To collect and review the main requirements and needs from end-users;
  • To review the main ongoing activities, projects, services and initiatives on the topic;
  • To assess the potential of space-based EO to address the identified user needs;
  • To prepare a roadmap of activities to be implemented in the ESA EO Science for Society programme element.

Visit the User Consultation conference website to learn more about the event.