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Understanding the Carbon and Water Cycles using SMOS Data and Models

13-Nov - 14-Nov 2014

Toulouse, France

The workshop aimed to bring together the EO, SMOS, Earth system science and modelling communities involved in the observation, characterisation and forecasting of land surface processes and their impacts.

The event, jointly organised by ESA and CESBIO, represented a unique opportunity to facilitate the communications and scientific exchanges among these different communities in order to enhance the coordination of specific scientific efforts and advocate for a common view of major scientific needs and priority areas for the future.

The workshop's main objectives were:

  • To increase the scientific understanding of main land interactions and their impacts on the Earth system and climate by exploiting SMOS observations;
  • To review the current advances on SMOS observations, products and capacity to improve the characterisation of the land surface processes at different time and spatial scales;
  • To accelerate the development of novel and robust SMOS data products exploiting the synergies with other complementary EO missions;
  • To foster the integration of SMOS data products into advanced coupled models capable of describing and forecasting main land processes;
  • To consolidate a scientific roadmap outlining priorities and scientific requirements to further advance in the development and exploitation of SMOS global observations for land surface processes.


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