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PROBA-V QWG meeting 12

27-Oct - 28-Oct 2020


The main discussion points for the QWG meeting #12 are recalled:

  1. Mission Status: the operational phase was discontinued on 30 June 2020 to limit the impact of the orbital drift and the new experimental phase started on 1st July 2020 with focus on acquiring data over Africa and Europe together with ad-hoc acquisition campaigns. Flight and Ground Segment overall performances are excellent with no sign of degradation. During the meeting, the results of recent experimental campaigns such as Moon acquisitions and Super Resolution experiments will be reviewed. In terms of data quality, the radiometric and geometric accuracy are largely within the mission goals requirements also looking at the independent assessment over Libya-4 performed by Rayference that demonstrated an excellent accuracy within the 3%.
  2. Mission Experimental phase: we are working to move towards the operations and exploitations of the Proba-V Companion Cubesat (PV-CC) to progressively complement and expand Proba-V observation capabilities addressing new application domains and exploring the constellation concept. The initial schedule has drifted due to shift in launch date of 1st PV-CC (VNIR), currently set during Aug-Nov 2021. The exploitation plan will be re-discussed in view of different overpasses and extreme SZA conditions at the PV-CC launch. The Cal Val plan will take into account the methods and tools already developed at VITO for Proba-V.
  3. Algorithm baseline for C2: the development and validation of the NN cloud screening are completed, the results are clearly showing a significant improvement with respect to C1, the relevant module is ready for processing. The development of the new AC scheme is on-going with the prototype and TDS provided to VITO and successfully integrated in the PDGS. The assessment of the best AOD climatology will be the key discussion of the meeting to define the remaining validation activities in order to reach conclusive results and freeze the final baseline. The provisional timeline for the C2 reprocessing will be presented by VITO and discussed within the QWG together with the potential evolution of the C3 baseline.
  4. Continuity: the transition from Proba-V to S3 at CGLS, originally planned on 1st July 2020, was delayed due to issues in the operational processing chain, it is currently on-going starting from NDVI at 300m. The status of planned upgrade on SYN-VGT branch will be reviewed and the results on consistency assessment of S3 SYN-VGT against Proba-V will be presented by VITO during the meeting.




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