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CEOS WGCV Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors subgroup meeting (IVOS 25)

24-Feb - 25-Feb 2015

Radebeul, Germany

Cross-cutting Activities Planning Meeting
24-25 February 2015, Radebeul, Germany

 24 February 2015

 General Approach 
 Welcome and Logistics  Albrecht von Bargen (DLR) / Bojan Bojkov (ESA)
 Introduction Albrecht  von Bargen (DLR) 
 Context and purpose of tdis meeting Bojan Bojkov (ESA)
 CM-SCOPE and GEWEX approach Jörg Schulz (EUMETSAT)
 Concrete Project demands 
 Challenges witd DEM Jan-Peter Muller (UCL)
 Challenges witd Atmospheric Correction Eric Vermotte (NASA)
 Challenges witd Cloud Screening Rainer Hollmann (DWD)
 Practical experiences witd AC and clouds  René Preusker (FUB)
 Objectives & Project Definitions  Chair: Albrecht von Bargen
 Objective (discussion on how/why/what) 
 Break out session 


 25 February 2015

 Objectives & Project Definitions Chair: Albrecht von Bargen / Bojan Bojkov
 Break out session (con't) 
 Report & Discussion: DEMs G. Stensaas et al. (USGS)
 Report & Discussion: Atmospheric Correction René Preusker (FUB)
 Report & Discussion: Cloud Screening René Preusker (FUB)
 Way Forward / Implementation for WGCV Albrecht von Bargen