5th Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry 2019

22 Jan - 25 Jan 2019

Frascati, Italy


5th radar polarimetry course

The European Space Agency (ESA) organised the 5th Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry from 22 to 25 January 2019 in Frascati, Italy, which was dedicated to training the next generation of Earth Observation (EO) scientists to exploit dual and fully polarimetric data for science and applications development.

The course is part of ESA's EO Science for Society – Scientific Exploitation element of EOEP-5 (the fifth cycle of ESA's Earth Observation Envelope Programme).

The main objectives of the course were to:

  • Train the next generation of European and Canadian Principal Investigators (PIs)
  • Explain theoretical principles, processing algorithms, data products and their use in various applications
  • Introduce available tools and methods for the exploitation of dual and fully polarimetric data
  • Provide first-hand and up-to-date information on the state of the art in Radar Polarimetry, Polarimetric SAR Interferometry and SAR Tomography

Visit the course website to learn more about the event.