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How to Access Data

The collection is open for research and application development, prototype and test projects to worldwide users but Airbus DS can introduce limitation due to security regulations. Restriction on acquiring data is applied over People’s Republic of China, Australia EEZ mainland including Tasmania and within a two hundred nautical (200) mile limit of its shores.

Data are available for on demand ordering, upon submission of a Project Proposal subject to evaluation and acceptance by ESA and the data owner (product/programming quotas are assigned if applicable). The process usually takes up to two weeks and there are no deadlines for submitting a proposal.

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ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be allowed to each project. Availability and restrictions to the use of the data are described in the ESA Third Party Missions (TPM) T&C and in the Terms of Applicability document.


Vision-1 provides very high resolution optical products, with 87cm resolution in Panchromatic mode and 3.48m in Multispectral Mode.

Products are in DIMAP format; the image is in GeoTiff format with 16 bit encoding; the applied geographical projection is WGS84 UTM

Spectral band combination options:

  • Panchromatic (PAN): includes data contained within a single high resolution black and white band, with product pixel size of 0.87m
  • Multispectral (MS4): includes four multispectral (colour) bands: Blue, Green, Red and Near Infrared. The product pixel size is 3.48m.
  • Bundle (BUN): provides both the 4-band multispectral, and the panchromatic data from the same acquisition in a single, non-merged product. Data is provided as 16-bit GeoTiffs with pixel sizes of 3.48m and 0.87m for MS and PAN data respectively
  • Pansharpened (PSH): single higher resolution 0.87 colour product obtained by the combination of the visual coloured information of the multispectral data with the details provided in the panchromatic data

Two different geometric processing levels are:

  • Projected (level 2): The product is mapped onto the Earth cartographic system using a standard reference datum and projection system at a constant terrestrial altitude, relative to the reference ellipsoid. By default, the map projection system is WGS84/UTM. The image is georeferenced without the application of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and supplied with the RPC model file. Pansharpened are not available as projected product
  • Standard Ortho (level 3): georeferenced image in Earth geometry, including the application of a Airbus World DEM for Ortho and GCPs (using Airbus Intelligence One Atlas BaseMap as reference). The orthorectification procedure eliminates the perspective effect on the ground (excluding buildings) to restore the geometry of a vertical shot.

Only the basic radiometric processing is available providing the radiance value.



Temporal coverage:
2019-02-24 - present
Very High Resolution - VHR (0 - 5m)
VIS (0.40 - 0.75 µm) , NIR (0.75 - 1.30 µm)
Product types:
level 2


level 2 , level 3


Specific restrictions to the use of data may apply for TPMs according to the terms of applicability valid for each mission. Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions



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