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Deimos-1 and 2 ESA archive


21 Feb 2020

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Deimos 1 and 2 dataset is composed of products acquired by the Deimos 1 and Deimos 2 Spanish satellites. The dataset regularly grows as ESA collects new products.

DEIMOS-1 standard products offered are:

  • SL6_22P: SLIM6, 22m spatial resolution, from bank P
  • SL6_22S: SLIM6, 22m spatial resolution, from bank S
  • SL6_22T: SLIM6, 22m spatial resolution, 2 banks merged together

Deimos -1 products are available in two different processing levels:

  • Level 1R: All 3 Spectral channels combined into a band-registered image using L0R data. Geopositioned product based on rigorous sensor model. Coefficients derived from internal and external satellite orientation parameters coming from telemetry and appended to metadata.
  • Level 1T: data Orthorectified to sub-pixel accuracy (10 meters RMS error approximately) with respect to Landsat ETM+ reference data and hole-filled seamless SRTM DEM data V3, 2006 (90 m). The use of the GCPs, it is not automatic, as it is done manually, which gives greater precision. (GCPs by human operators).

Deimos -2 standard products offered are:

  • Pan-sharpened (HRA_PSH four-band image, HRA_PS3 321 Natural Colours, HRA_PS4 432 False Colours): a four-band image, resulting from adding the information of each multispectral band to the panchromatic band. The fusion does not preserve all spectral features of the multispectral bands, so it should not be used for radiometric purposes.
  • Panchromatic (HRA_PAN): a single-band image coming from the panchromatic sensor.HRA_MS4: Multispectral (HRA_MS4): a four-band image coming for the multispectral sensor, with band co-registration.
  • Bundle (HRA_PM4): a five-band image contains the panchromatic and multispectral products packaged together, with band co-registration.
  • Stereo Pair (HRA_STP): The image products obtained from two acquisitions of the same target performed from different viewpoints in the same pass by using the agility feature of the platform. It can be provided as a pair of pan sharpened or panchromatic images.

Deimos -2 products are available in two different processing levels:

  • Level 1B: A calibrated and radiometrically corrected product, but not resampled. The product includes the Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPC), the metadata with gain and bias values for each band, needed to convert the digital numbers into radiances at pixel level, and information about geographic projection (EPGS), corners geolocation, etc.
  • Level 1C: A calibrated and radiometrically corrected product, manually orthorectified and resampled to a map grid. The geometric information is contained in the GeoTIFF tags.

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Spatial coverage: 

90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E

Temporal coverage:

2009-08-01 - present

Date of launch:
2009-07-29 (DEIMOS-1), 2014-06-19 (DEIMOS-2)
Deimos Imaging
Mission status:
Orbit height:
620 km (DEIMOS-2) - 663 km (DEIMOS-1)
Orbit type:
Swath width:
12 km (DEIMOS-2) - 625 km (DEIMOS-1)

Very High Resolution - VHR (0 - 5m)

Medium Resolution - MR (20 - 500 m)

Wavelengths: VIS (0.40 - 0.75 µm), NIR (0.75 - 1.30 µm)

Product types: SL6_22P_1R, SL6_22P_1T, SL6_22P_2T, SL6_22S_1R, SL6_22S_1T, SL6_22S_2T, SL6_22T_1R, SL6_22T_1T, SL6_22T_2T, HRA_PAN_1B, HRA_PAN_1C, HRA_PS3_1B, HRA_PS3_1C, HRA_PS4_1B, HRA_PS4_1C, HRA_PSH_1B, HRA_PSH_1C, HRA_MS4_1B, HRA_MS4_1C, HRA_PM4_1B, HRA_PM4_1C, HRA_STP_1B, HRA_STP_1C


level 1R, level 1T, level 1b, level 1c, multiple,


Registration Mode: Fast Approval. The collection is worldwide available upon approval of the data access request, authorised after successful identity or eligibility check (within 2 days).

Discovery and search with various criteria (area of interest, time window, metadata) are offered through the EO-CAT catalogue.

Geographical search is possible by using the clickable zoom map on SM-CAT.

Data search, browse and download are available through the TPM LOADS Online dissemination server.


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions


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