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COSMO-SkyMed full archive and tasking

How To Access Data

Project Proposal (Restrained)

  1. Go to the ESA User Services Portal
  2. Register or log in to EO Sign In
  3. After logging in, complete and submit the form with your proposed use of the data
  4. The proposal will be evaluated by ESA, which normally takes between 4 and 6 weeks
  5. Upon successful evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email, which describes the amount of data to be provided, and details of how to order the data.
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The collection is open for research and application development projects only to users located in the territory of ESA Member States (including Canada), in the European Commission Member States and in Africa. 

Data are available to order on demand upon submission of a Project Proposal subject to evaluation and acceptance by ESA and the data owner.

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be allowed to each project. The users have the possibility to search COSMO-Skymed archive data by using the CLEOS catalogue. User registration is required to navigate the catalogue.

Availability and restrictions to the use of the data are described in the Terms of Applicability document.

If you need help with the proposal form, consult this guide on how to access data requiring a project proposal.

For further information about the EO Sign In Service you can visit TellUs.

Should you need support to prepare your proposal or access the data, please contact EOHelp.


The archive and new tasking X-band SAR products are available from COSMO-Skymed (CSK) and COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation (CSG) missions in ScanSAR and Stripmap modes, right and left looking acquisition (20 to 60° incidence angle).

COSMO-SkyMed modes:

Acquisition ModeSingle look Resolution [Az. X. Rg, SCS] (m)Scene size [Az. X. Rg] (km)PolarisationScene duration (seconds)Number of looksMultilook resolution (m)Geolocation accuracy ±3 s (m)
Stripmap Himage2.6 x 340 x 40Single: HH, HV, VH, VV73525
Stripmap PingPong9.7 x 1130 x 30Alternate: HH/VV, HH/HV, VV/VH632025
ScanSAR Wide23 x 13.5100 x 100Single: HH, HV, VH, VV154 - 93030
ScanSAR Huge38 x 13.5200 x 200Single: HH, HV, VH, VV3025 - 66100100


COSMO-Skymed Second Generation Modes:

Acquisition ModeSingle look Resolution [Az. X. Rg, SCS] (m)Scene size [Az. X. Rg] (km)PolarisationScene duration (seconds)Number of looksMultilook resolution (m)Geolocation accuracy ±3σ (m)
Stripmap3 x 340 x 40Single (HH, VV, HV, VH) or Dual (HH+HV, VV+VH)72 x 2
4 x 4
6 x 7
11 x 14
Stripmap PingPong12 x 530 x 30Alternate (HH/VV, HH/HV+VV/VH)61 x 2
2 x 5
12 x 10
23 x 26
QuadPol3 x 340 x 15Quad (HH+HV+VV+VH)N/A2 x 2
4 x 4
6 x 7
11 x 14
ScanSAR 120 x 4100 x 100Single (HH, VV, HV, VH) or Dual (HH+HV, VV+VH)151 x 3
1 x 5
2 x 8
20 x 14
23 x 27
35 x 40
ScanSAR 240 x 6200 x 200Single (HH, VV, HV, VH) or Dual (HH+HV, VV+VH)301 x 4
1 x 7
3 x 16
40 x 27
47 x 54
115 x 135

Following Processing Levels are available, for both CSK and CSG:

  • SCS (Level 1A, Single-look Complex Slant): Data in complex format, in slant range projection (the sensor's natural acquisition projection) and zero doppler projection, weighted and radiometrically equalised; the coverage corresponds to the full resolution area illuminated by the SAR instrument
  • DGM (Level 1B, Detected Ground Multi-look): Product obtained detecting, multi-looking and projecting the Single-look Complex Slant data onto a grid regular in ground: it contains focused data, amplitude detected, optionally despeckled by multi-looking approach, radiometrically equalised and represented in ground/azimuth projection
  • GEC (Level 1C, Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected): Focused data, amplitude detected, optionally despeckled by multi-looking approach, geolocated on the reference ellipsoid and represented in a uniform preselected cartographic presentation. Any geometric correction derived by usage of terrain model isn't applied to this product by default
  • GTC (Level 1D, Geocoded Terrain Corrected): Focused data, fully calibrated with the usage of terrain model, amplitude detected, optionally despeckled by multi-looking approach, geolocated on a DEM and represented in a uniform preselected cartographic presentation. The image scene is located and accurately rectified onto a map projection, through the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs) and Digital Elevation Model (DEM); it differs from GEC for the use of the DEM (instead of reference ellipsoid) for the accurate conversion from slant to ground range and to approximate the real earth surface.

The list of available data can be retrieved using the CLEOS COSMO-SkyMed products catalogue. User registration is required to use the catalogue.



Spatial coverage:
90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
2008-09-15 - present
Date of launch:
2019-12-18, 2007-06-08
Mission status:
Orbit height:
619.6 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
200 km for ScanSAR Huge, 100 km for ScanSAR Wide, 40 km StripMap HIMAGE, 30 km StripMap PING PONG
Very High Resolution - VHR (0 - 5m), High Resolution - HR (5 - 20 m), Medium Resolution - MR (20 - 500 m)
X-Band (2.8 - 5.2 cm)


Level 1a, Level 1b, Level 1c, Level 1d, Multiple


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions.



Product Specifications

COSMO-SkyMed SAR Products Handbook

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