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What was the purpose of TropiSAR?

The TropiSAR campaign was conducted in French Guiana in the summer 2009 in the framework of the Phase A studies pertaining to the BIOMASS mission. Its main objectives were the evaluation of P-Band radar imaging over tropical forests for biomass and forest height estimation.

What was the outcome of TropiSAR?

Seven SAR flights were conducted with the SETHI system from ONERA during the 23 days of the SAR campaign which lasted from 10 August to 1 September 2009. The selected waveform is characterised by P and L simultaneous acquisitions with a range resolution of around 1.5 m. During these flights, a temporal dataset characterised with a zero spatial baseline was acquired to allow the quantification of the temporal decorrelation, one key parameter for the performance evaluation of the PolInSAR technique in a single satellite configuration. A PolInSAR and tomographic database was also acquired with vertical baselines of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 feet.


Download the TropiSAR Final Report


Campaign Summary
Years 2009
Geographic Site Nouragues, Paracou (French Guiana)
Field Applicaion Tropical forest biomass mapping using L- and P-Band SAR
Data Size More than 50 GB


Digital Object Identifier: - TropiSAR 2009: ESA Study: "Technical Assistance for the development of Airborne Measurements during the TropiSAR 2009 Experiment - Final Report"


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