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Flight track and tangent point locations
Flight track and tangent point locations for
PremierEX flight on 10 March 2010

What was the purpose of PremierEX?

The PremierEX activities were related to the PREMIER (PRocess Exploration through Millimetre-wave and Infrared Emitted Radiation) mission. The PremierEx Campaign supported the in-flight testing of the upgraded MARSCHALS, which is an airborne simulator for the PREMIER Milimetre-Wave LimbSounder (MWLS), and the preperation and execution of scientific flights in 2010 to demonstrate PREMIER's capabilities to address two scientific objectives:

  1. Horizontal transport/mixing processes in the mid to upper troposhere / lower stratosphere
  2. Cirrus formation in the Arctic upper troposhere

Technical objectives:

  • Confirm technical performance of the upgraded MARSCHALS airborne millimetre-wave limb-sounder
  • Quantify PREMIER capabilities to observe quasi-horizontal transports and mixing processes
  • Access PREMIER capability to observe cirrus formation processes in the Artic
  • Demonstrate synergies between infra-red and millimetre-wave limb-sounding

What was the outcome of PremierEX?

The campaign was based in the Arena Arctica in Kiruna (Sweden). The science campaign has addressed the science objectives and was part of the airborne campaign of the EU project RECONCILE.

Download the PremierEX Final Report

Campaign Summary
Data Coverage (Years)2009, 2010
Geographic SiteGermany (2009)
Northern Polar region Kiruna, Sweden (2010)
Field of ApplicationAtmosphere Limb Sounding
Data Size1.1 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - PremierEX: "Technical Assistance for the Deployment or Airborne Infr-Red and Millimetre-Wave Limb Sounders during the PremierEX Experiment"


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